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Today I woke poor

I'm just going to say no and adults understand and I think my photos speak for my

SKIN : *-*Purretes*-* KEKA 
 Applicator support SMB, BODY Toddleedoo 

Toddleedoo Mesh Head, hands and ears last generation Toddleedoo

SHAPE  *-*Purretes*-* KEKA BABY TD

HAIR [LOVE SOUL] Hair*152*Bitter Brown
EARS; **Cute Bytes** Bubbly Pierced Ears  
NECKLACE : **Cute Bytes** Memories Pendant - BabyPink
BRACELETS ;**Cute Bytes** My PearLet Bracelet - 10 L
*Cute Bytes** My PearLet Bracelet - 3 R
SHOES: [RI] ToddleeDoo Chucks
JEANS :**Cute Byte** Oopsy Bear Jeans - BABY
SHIRT:**Cute Bytes** StinkyDaddy Tank (Pink) - BABY


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