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# 151

Hello friends! I am Chii and they will be showing the new events and fashion! Enjoy it!

Today I'll show you a little of what they found in Dream Kids event.

*-*Purretes*-* Gacha!

*-*Purretes*-*Mariposa Frilly Top 
*-*Purretes*-*Mariposa Ruched pants 
*-*Purretes*-* Mariposa Gladiator sandals 

*-*Purretes*-* Mariposa Sweatshirt 
*-*Purretes*-* Mariposa Short  
*-*Purretes*-* Mariposa  Sneakers

*-*Purretes*-* Mariposa Top
*.*Purretes*.* Mariposa Jeans
*-*Purretes*-* Mariposa  High-top Sneakers 

 Special thanks to Purreta Mint


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