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*196 One lucky apprentice

Hair: :[e] Chantal) Hair Fair 2015
Body: ~TweeneeDoo - YoungGirl (v.0.2)
Shape: *.*Purretes*.* Maddie Shape Tweeneedo 
Skin;*-*Purretes*-* Nayade Skin w/ Light Brows  Ty
Eyes:*-*Purretes*-* Grey Eyes Gacha Ty
Eyeslashes:*-*Purretes*-* Lashes (tattoo) 

[S*] Little Lady - Dittany  NEW Ty Fit for a Princess
[S*] Wizarding Headgear - Cauldron Head Gacha Ty

LL - HD's Skybox (rez) (copyable) RARE Gacha Ty
LL - HD's Candy - Fizzing Whizbees Gacha Ty
LL - HD's Candy - Chocoballs Gacha Ty
LL - HD's Candy - Blowing Gum Gacha Ty
LL - HD's Candy - Acid Pops Gacha Ty
LL - HD's Candy - Chocolate Frogs Gacha Ty
LL - HD's Candy - Every Beans Gacha Ty
LL - HD's Candy - Pepper Imps Gacha Ty
LL - HD's Candy - Peppermint Toads Gacha Ty
LL - HD's Candy - Ice Mice Gacha Ty

  Wizarding Faire 2015 12 july/25 july

[S*] Wizarding Headgear - Eagle Gacha Ty
[S*] Wizarding Headgear - Charmed Gacha Ty
[S*] Wizarding Headgear - Scholar Gacha Ty
[S*] Wizarding Headgear - Chic Gacha Ty
[S*] Wizarding Headgear - Badger Gacha Ty
[S*] Wizarding Headgear - Tweak! Gacha Ty
[S*] Wizarding Headgear - Floppy Gacha Ty

Little Llama - Sit for a Spell - Red   NEW Ty
Little Llama - Lazy Lounger - Red
Little Llama - Lazy Pillow - Red Stripes
Little Llama - Lazy Pillow - Red
Little Llama - Cabinet of Secrets - Red

Little Llama - Bed Under The Stairs - Brown   NEW Ty

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