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Hair :+Spellbound+ Chocolat - Unrigged // Chapter I : Earth  Whimsical Event

{ S&S } Pearl Head band from { S&S } SuzieQ Outfit  in Event Tous Les Enfants

{T.T}Spaceship Bicycle  June 15th for Limited 50 exclusively! Only 50 copies will be sold !
thank you Rou♥

{Clove} Teanna Lilac  available in 5 colors  ty♥

TTT - Butterfly Typer Blue gacha ty♥

TTT - Butterfly Typer Midnight RARE gacha ty♥

TTT - Butterfly Typer Moon RARE gacha ty♥

{ Color Me Cute Event } TTT - Butterfly Typer  cute floating butterflies that float around your head. When you type a fluttering sound emits and your avatar animates to watch the butterflies above! 35L a play and 4 rares and 10 commons to collect.

jk: Ouchies and Oopsies TD APPLIER- Biking Accident RARE Gacha
jk: Ouchie's and Oopies - Bandaid Head Wound  Gacha

* {.:Little Stars.:} *  Mousey Purple Flats gacha

Special thanks
  Lαlι Voɴ Sтrαυѕѕ (lalita.rain)

Special thanks

 ʀoυ ℎαthαⱳαy кιηgsℓεү-svεηsση (roula.laville)
{T.T}Tiny Trinkets

Special thanks
Latte Bryant Doe - McFly (late.billig)

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