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❀ Hair : Blues. Celine (-roots)

❀ Bracelet :ToddleTeeZ - Expressions Bracelet - Angel - RARE  Available in  The Gacha Garden! 

❀ Outfit : { S&S } Bonjour BLUSH ( includes short, top, sneackers and bows) Available in Blush , Sky and Daisy  now in Tous Les Enfants 

❀ Pose: {xoxo} Madalynn {5}


❀ Hair : **DP**YUMYUM*barberyumyum*49 (Blond)
❀ Bracelet : ToddleTeeZ - Expressions Bracelet - Nerdy {Gold Band} Available in  The Gacha Garden! 

❀ :BoWillow:: Le Bebe Bowtie Gift  now in Tous Les Enfants 

❀ :BoWillow: Bebe Beret - Navy (copy,mod) Gacha  now in Tous Les Enfants 
❀ :BoWillow:Dungarees (Navy)  Gacha now in Tous Les Enfants 

❀ :BoWillow: French Socks HUD (wear) Gacha  now in Tous Les Enfants 

❀ :BoWillow: Dungaree Bebe HUD - Navy  Gacha  now in Tous Les Enfants 

❀ :BoWillow: Dungarees Bebe (Navy) - shirt  Gacha now in Tous Les Enfants 

❀ ::BoWillow: French Bebe Dress Shoes navy -Gacha   now in Tous Les Enfants 

❀ Pose:{xoxo} Madalynn {4}


❀ Hair: Blues. Celine (-roots)
❀ Pose:{xoxo} Madalynn {3}

❀ Hoodie: Vicarious Youth Open Hoodie - Bonjour Bebes - TD Baby   now in Tous Les Enfants 

{ S&S } Pink Bow

{ S&S } Bonjour shorts BLUSH

{ S&S } Sneaker BLUSH
part of the outfit Outfit : { S&S } Bonjour BLUSH

❀ ToddleTeeZ - Expressions Ring {Free Gift}Available in  The Gacha Garden! 
Opens on the 1st!! Expression Bracelets! Collect, Gift and Trade them all! These can be easily sized to fit anyone! For every 20 plays you get an exclusive FREE GIFT! 

ToddleTeeZ - Expressions Bracelet - Gold {Gold Band}Available in  The Gacha Garden! 

♥Special thanks♥
archer candy bloodmoon (8isgreatdontblate)

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jeѕѕ cαllιe вryαɴт (xojessxo.pexie)

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Zaհɾa Ƙαуℒee Wιʅʂσɳ (zahra.yue)

♥Special thanks♥
Lily Lana Ɱoretti (unicornmuffins)

♥Special thanks♥
Violet Penelope Steamweaver (violet.steamweaver)

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