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Fan of strawberry

and fan of the Gacha XD

I've been very lucky in these 2 events, I take the same theme  mmmm.....  strawberry delicious strawberry , i love whit cream (I think it made me hungry)

these still available, so you can even have them

TTT - Snack Pack Berry  gacha garden   bumper when you meet other avatars food particles explode, playing a sound and animation as your avatar just hit!

ToddleTeeZ - Pudding Cups - Strawberry  gacha garden  have adult and kid spoon

The Brick Lane Gacha  blueberry , strawberry and limon  too

ToddleTeeZ By: Z - Strawberry Sweetie - Cap  

ToddleTeeZ By: Z - Strawberry Sweetie - Dress {Baby} RARE

ToddleTeeZ By: Z - Sweetie - Bloomers {Baby}

ToddleTeeZ By: Z - Sweeties - Boots {Baby}

.Blue Olive. the Pumpkin Hair Gacha - Bangs # 4
.Blue Olive. the Pumpkin Hair *Freebie*

Olive Temp Location  The hair is free but you need the bangs , i love change bangs

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