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Oh the fascinating music, which gladdens the soul
I was all afternoon proving that melody is the best

to give a concert for my mommy

and finally the sad melody, was the best, I imagine that is thrilling, but I never thought that thrill to tears, I had to stop my concert not see mourn, it was a lot of emotion for her


Hair :.Blue Olive. the Pumpkin Hair Gacha - Bangs # 4
.Blue Olive. the Pumpkin Hair *Freebie*

Olive Temp Location  The hair is free but you need the bangs , i love change bangs

Overall: { petit Macaron } Sophie Coveralls (Sky-Polka Dots) BABY

shoes ::FY:: Summer Sandal

Backpack:  TTT - Snack Pack Berry  gacha garden   bumper when you meet other avatars food particles explode, playing a sound and animation as your avatar just hit!

Flutes: event : The Play Room
TTT - Recorder Shark
TTT - Recorder Sad
TTT - Recorder Pirates
TTT - Recorder Saber
TTT - Recorder Techno
TTT - Recorder Adventurer

MuddPuddles: Time Out Stool  Animations: 5 including tantrum  (I am not using)

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